How to make a Terrarium with Carnivorous Sundew Plants

A terrarium made with Sundew plants could be the an interesting way for you to go if your feeling sinister (for a humorous take on using carnivorous plants in a terrarium, click here).

Sundew plants are the best option for a carnivorous plant vivarium, as long as you are able to pay attention to the needs of every plant and take appropriate plant care.

You can also use Venus Flytap instead of Sundew Plants

Carnivorous Plant Terrariums (This is a Venus Flytrap, not Sundew Plants)

What Are Carnivorous Plants? What are Sundew Plants?

Most of the carnivorous plants feed on insects for their living. They attract, confine and digest insects they find on their leaves. Eating these insects provides nutrients and energy to the carnivorous plants. It’s kind of crazy to think:

True carnivory is thought to have evolved independently six times in five different ordersof flowering plants, and these are now represented by more than a dozen genera. These include about 630 species that attract and trap prey, produce digestive enzymes, and absorb the resulting available nutrients. – Wikipedia

630 species. Whew. Here’s a kind of gross time lapse video of a sundew plant killing a fly.

What are the Benefits of a Sundew Plant Terrarium?

Well, if you keep a house as clean as Martha Stewart, then you never have to worry about gross bugs. However, if you’re like me and have the occasional pest flying about, sundew plants will help you control your pest problem.

Also, carnivorous plant terrariums make great conversation pieces. Imagine how interested someone will be when they find out about it!

Unique Considerations if Making a Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

The carnivorous plant terrarium setup can be formed by choosing a bowl or a dish to grow the plants in. However, while you are planning for a carnivorous plant terrarium setup, the first question that crosses the mind is how to care for a sundew plant? Obviously, a fully enclosed carnivorous plant terrarium is not a good choice, otherwise, no insects will be able to get in and your plant will starve to death. You need to leave it at least partial open.

While using a terrarium, use natural or diffused sunlight for proper growth of the plants. As terrariums are humid, be sure to water at the areas surrounding the plant rather on the leaves. This may avoid diseases in your plant.

Avoid feeding fertilizers to the plants. The fertilizers will kill most of the insects leaving the plants without nutrients as you have planted most of the plants that eat bugs.

Pumice, sand or perlite mixed with peat moss or spaghnum helps in providing the best soil. However, DO NOT USE actual soil.

Carnivorous plant care can be maintained by using distilled water, if possible. Otherwise, let your tap water sit out for a couple of days to evaporate.  Be sure to mist it once or twice a week. Also leave your sundew in indirect sunlight.

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